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Infotainment: A new level of enjoyment and convenience

Last month saw the Road Glide® Special, Street Glide® Special and the Ultra Limited Low join the innovative Project RUSHMORE touring platform so we thought we’d take this opportunity to explain the benefits that the astounding infotainment systems fitted to these new machines deliver.

Project RUSHMORE introduces category-leading technology and design enhancements that will recalibrate the expectations of touring motorcyclists. The Boom! Box 6.5GT combines audio, communications, navigation and vehicle information into a single infotainment module, and is featured as Original Equipment on selected Harley-Davidson Touring and Trike models.

The Harley-Davidson Boom! Box infotainment system offers quality audio through radio and external sources, Bluetooth® connectivity to external mobile phones and audio devices, voice recognition and text-to-speech technology as well as GPS navigation and support for intercom. The entire Boom! Box unit is mounted within the motorcycle fairing for added security and contemporary design, and five-way joysticks on the left and right motorcycle hand controls connect the rider to most Boom! Box system functions.

The Boom! Box 6.5GT infotainment system is Original Equipment on the Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited, Ultra Limited Low, Street Glide® Special, Road Glide® Special and Tri-Glide Classic motorcycle models. The infotainment system features a high-resolution 6.5inch colour touch screen with auto and manual dim functions and 5.25-inch speakers which are optimised to the system. Audio equalisation is adapted according to the motorcycle environment and automatically adjusts the bass and treble levels with the volume for optimal sound quality at all motorcycle speeds. Distortion is limited to just 1% so the volume can be set louder without compromising on audio clarity.

Also featured is a full colour Garmin GPS navigation system with Digital Terrain Modeling, navigation route options, extensive Points of Interest search and voice recognition for navigation input. What’s more, the system will let you know when you get low on fuel and ask if you want to know where the nearest petrol station is, perfect for when you’re discovering new destinations!

The Boom! Box 6.5GT is Bluetooth-compatible for pairing a mobile phone – meaning that when using a wired headset, the rider can make and receive calls without leaving the motorcycle hand controls, and stream music directly from the phone. What’s more, texts can be viewed and listened to through the Boom! Box system! and Voice Recognition even gives the rider the ability to initiate voice-operated commands to a connected mobile phone!

The new Jukebox compartment on the fairing dash features a USB port for charging and playing electronic devices, including Apple iPod/iPhone and other MP3 sources as well as mobile phones and iPod and iPhone functions are available through the hand controls.

The infotainment system also offers more practical features via the Vehicle Information screen, which displays ambient air temperature, oil pressure, and Engine Idle Temperature Management Strategy, meaning you can always be sure your pride and joy is well-maintained.

For more information or to test out the new infotainment system for yourself, just ask in dealership.