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Every Harley-Davidson Motorcycle can be customised as much or as little as desired. Your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle can be completely unique to you and that’s one of the reasons so many people love the brand. The Harley-Davidson Parts catalogue hosts thousands and thousands of products for your bike. Our in-store parts departments at Sykes H-D stock these parts so that you can make your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, the bike you’ve always dreamt of.



Speed & Custom was created in 2009 and after many years of customising Harley-Davidsons, the company decided that the way forward was to take the customisation process and their experience to another level. A level of excellence that should not only meet client’s expectations but also exceeds them. Speed & Custom wants to build the best custom Harley-Davidson Motorcycles in the world, while making the process an enjoyable experience for both the team and the customer.


This Custom Bagger is based on a 2019 Street Glide Special, taking inspiration from the beaches of Daytona. 

From the 26 inch front wheel, machined from a single piece of billet aluminium, to the sweeping lines of the bodywork, with the rear fender and panniers stretched out 9 inches and dropped four inches, this performance bagger is an undisputed head turner.

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The Gentleman’s Hooligan Racer

Th Gentleman's Hooligan racer is one of the most ambitious, and aggressively styled sportsters ever built in the speedshop, the look of the raw aluminium is reminiscent of aircraft of the 1930's, the bulldog stance and clip on bars borrow elements from bobber and cafe racer styling, resulting in a remarkable feat of engineering and design.

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GTB fat Boy special

The Grand Touring Black was built as one of a pair, the sister bike being the Grand Touring Vintage (GTV). The GTB was based on a 2016 Fat Boy Special, and boasts a stripped back minimalist style, it showcases a variety of Roland Sands Design parts, wrapped around a Twin Cam Screamin' Eagle 110 motor, with a custom back end fabricated in the Speed and Custom Speed shop.

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the mustard

The Mustard was our Battle of the Kings entry for 2019. Based on a 2019 Sportster Forty-Eight, the Mustard took inspiration from a 1970's Porsche that was the dream car of Custom Builder Neil Sefton, which demanded a low, stocky stance, clean lines and effortless looking engineering. This lent itself well to a Cafe Racer style, which has been flawlessly executed in this exquisite motorcycle.

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This motorcycle started life as a 2019 FXDR. In it’s factory form Harley-Davidson claims that “the FXDR is built to move you in ways no other Harley-Davidson motorcycle has before.” We took their idea and ran with it.

We fitted a 117 Cubic inch big bore kit, combined with a Stage IV kit, a custom Exhaust and countless custom details including parts from Thunderbike and Rizoma, This FXDR is quite possibly the fastest bike we have ever built and with the handling to match, this motorcycle will leave your heart racing. 

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ol' 44

The idea behind Ol' 44 was to build a bike which had the appeal of a shed build, styled after 1960’s flat track racers, rather than looking like a polished show bike. The result is an unparalleled example of minimalist vintage bike design with the reliability of a modern motorcycle. 

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Rush was built taking inspiration from the golden era of Formula one, the 1970's. The bike was stripped back to show off the fantastic aesthetic of the sportster engine, and the design of the overall bike borrowed from several styles of custom motorcycles, from flat trackers to scramblers, and the finished article is an aggressive looking sportster with timeless style.

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Built for legendary bassist of Playmaker, Stacy Harman, "Da Hui" is one of the most iconic and instantly recogniseable sportsters ever built by the Speed and Custom Team. "Da Hui" or "The Club" is a Hawaiian term for extended family, appropriated by surfer culture for the shared experience of riding the waves, something which is a passion of Stacy's along with riding motorcycles. This gorgeous Springer Sportster is a marvel of the versatility of the Sportster Platform.

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Zenith is an appropriate name for this motorcycle as it is arguably one of the most impressive custom vehicles we have ever built. Featuring a single sided swingarm and scores of Roland Sands Design parts, including engine covers which enable you to see the inner working of Twin Cam Motor and Transmission, beautifully accented with Gold Performance Machine Wheels.  

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