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Keep riding with H-D® technology

For many people a bike is a summer toy, something to be brought out for those sunny Sunday afternoons. But there’s no reason you can’t carry on using your bike right through the winter months with the wealth of technology now available to you…

Heat up

Our heated riding gear lets you hit the road when the temperatures dip. With gloves, trousers and jackets in the range, you’ll have all you need to keep toasty no matter what the weather throws at you.

Three main benefits of heated gear:

· Safety/function – when riders are thinking about how cold they are, they’re not concentrating on the road.

· Comfort – through cold days and nights, high altitudes and changing seasons heated gear keeps you ready to keep riding.

· Performance – New Microwire® heat technology provides the thinnest, lightest, strongest and fastest heating system ever.

Stay Dry

Nobody likes to get wet when out on a ride, we’ve all been miles away from home when the rain has hit and it’s no fun. A space-efficient, light option to ensure you don't get caught out is an ultra-handy H-D® rain suit. With a range of styles to choose from, all offer you durable protection against the elements and fold up neatly for minimal storage needs.

Our waterproof jackets and trousers offer another great option and all products with Cocona® technology are waterproof and breathable. The active Cocona particles in genuine Harley-Davidson® apparel absorb energy and increase the surface area of the fibres in the clothing to accelerate moisture evaporation and increase breathability.

This breathability is important in helping to regulate body temperature and allows moisture trapped against your body to evaporate more quickly, giving you a more consistent temperature and more comfortable results in a variety of weather conditions.

These items will provide you with excellent waterproof performance in the wet, but you’ll also stay drier and cooler in a variety of other conditions.

Of course you’re not the only thing that needs to stay dry. To make sure your belongings or luggage stay protected we also have a range of waterproof shrink sacks available, that will not only keep your things dry but also shrink them down, so you can fit more in your panniers.

Speak to us in dealership for more advice on how to keep riding during the winter months!