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Eastbourne Harley Night

This is your personal invitation to the seaside Harley style.

For our special monthly “Harley-Davidson nights” throughout the summer in Eastbourne, we’re closing Terminus Road to fill it with Harleys. We’ll be hosting this event along with our friends over at the Chamber of Commerce on the last Wednesday every month, but we want you there from 6pm Wednesday 31st May 2017 to really kick the party off in style

So bring along your mouth-watering metal and fill Eastbourne with the unmistakable sound of Harley engines. Catch up and ride with some old friends or make some new ones whilst grabbing some food at one of the many restaurants in the area.

Eastbourne has never seen anything like this before – and the best part is, you’re invited!

This Harley event, gives you an excuse to ride your pride and joy on a cool route and celebrate everything that is Harley-Davidson. If you don’t currently own a Harley, then just pop down and check out the line-up. The team from Shaw Harley-Davidson will be at the event to help with all enquiries.

For more information click on the button below or call us on 01825 872003